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Spring 2016

Surf Trip Clare 
On the 13th of April, Myself and my parents traveled to Clare for a weekend of surfing as there was a Junior National Surf Comp but I also knew Jamie O'Brien was in Clare filming new "Who Is JOB 6.0". A few days before I got a message from JOB on snapchat,I was over the moon getting a reply from him, and that made me super excited for the weekend ahead. I didn't think I would get to see him I was just excited by the fact i was even in the same country as JOB seeing as that he is my favourite surfer.
Once we arrived it was pumping so I jumped straight into the water, And once returning back to the beach my Mom said "Jamie O'Brien was here 5 minutes ago" I didn't believe mom at first,I didn't want to believe I had missed the chance to see him ! 
Later on that day I went searching for Surf with Tom Knox and two other friends and as we were getting close to the surf spot we were over taken by this Red Bull Van, I instantly knew it was JOB, I was super excited yet pretty nervous. We drove down this little road towards the point brake and saw the Van had pulled in at a Restaurant. I was slighty disappointed as i thought it meant they weren't going surfing. 10 Minutes later I was getting into my suit when Ryan Hipwood just casually walks up to us and says hello to us and carrys on and then Jamie O'Brien walks past and says Hey and carried on down to the wave. I have never put a wetsuit on so quick ever hah !

The Surf was pretty good but the session was made Amazing by the fact I got to have full conversations with Ryan Hipwood, Jamie O'Brien and Poopies, Pretty crazy eh ? They were all super cool and nice. And the standard of their surfing is just crazy ! It is 10 times more impressive in person than watching it on the Internet. Hopefully I managed to get onto "Who is Job"! ;-)  
Its not everyday Jamie O'Brien watches you from the channel
Thanks Seamus Quinlan for the pics from this Surf
The next day was a pretty crazy forecast, Big swell good Swell period but lots of Wind !! It was about 40 knots offshore which isn't the best thing when you are standing on top of a 700 foot cliff ! It was too windy for the surfers to Paddle In, So they're doing tow in's. Pretty epic spectacle ! Ryan Hipwood was in his element in Scary waves.
Ryan Hipwood Charging the Cliff

National Geographic
I was chosen by National Geographic as a Young Surfer/Windsurfer who lived on the Wild Atlantic Way to feature in video they are making on the Wild Atlantic way.
It was an amazing experience getting to spend 2 days showing The National Geographic Camera Man around where I live and Having him Interview and filming me sailing. I am excited for the video to come out the video will should be out on the 1st of June.

Behind the scenes
Available at your local NewsAgent soon ;)

Sunova Surfboards 
Dad and I got some pretty beautiful new boards ! Dad got a new SUP, and I got a new ShortBoard, I haven't gotten much powerful surf recently so I don't have many pictures of my new Surf Board in Action, Once I do I will post the pictures. The board is a amazing and so beautiful.
Big Thanks to Bert Burger for the boards. I defiantly recommend looking at their boards and reading about how Bert left FireWire Surfboards to makes these !

 The Chook Journal

During Easter The Piddens came to Kerry for Two weeks. Tom and Ollie Pidden made a video of their Sailing and Surfing over the two weeks (

Unfortunately I was having trouble with a re-occuring back injury which meant I couldn't take part in any of the sailing they got which sucked but thankfully i was still able to Surf

I haven't had that much sailing as of a re-ocurring back injury but luckily by the time of the National Geographic filming I was back to fitness.
A friend of ours Hans Beuh from Germany came and stayed with us for a week. I always love sailing with Hans, He always brings a smile and he pushes my sailing which is always good.
If only he didn't get in the way of pictures ;-) 

Brandon  Bay film by Magnus Kallin.

Look what you can make if you come here on holiday and no wind ! Well worth watching

New Camera

Dad and I recently bought a new 500mm Sigma Lens so we should be able to get better photos and films now having a better lens.

Thanks for reading !

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