Saturday, July 16, 2016

Quatro Super Mini 83 Mini

Quatro Super Mini 83 Mini first impressions
Rik from zero gravity was over here for some sailing with board in his van. It seamed rude to let him talk it home, so it ours now. As a rule I tend to choose the board within a range which are the most suited to good DTL conditions but with Finn spending more time in onshore spots and anything which helps with getting going fast  has to be of interest.

So far only it  sailed 4 times. 3 times in waves and  once on flat  water. Some 5.4 weather but mostly 4.7 in  head high waves, side shore and  onshore .
I bought it as a crappy conditions/ onshore/ jump board which will get sailed in proper ground swell too. It's a sweet board very quick to get going and fast while still having a good front side turn. In average south coast / Tenerife conditions it is  great board because
 Super quick to get going
 Jumps really well feeling light and small in the air.
 Points really high. 
 Very good at carrying speed on soft waves. You can do lots of turns on a wave and it climbs white water well.
 Good at "taka's" because of the short length. (I'm Not!)

The board came with a massive 20cm middle fin and 10cm sides.The spec has it coming with a 18cm. Being playing round with K4.  Tried 16cm flex which was way to small for the wide tail. Now using a 18cm stubby and 10cm shark sides that's working well. Feel there's a bit more plying to do. Going to try it as a true thruster.

We have being sailing the 86 Pyramid at the same time swapping between then. There's a big difference ! For a proper hard hack on a wave with a bit off speed the 86 is unbeatable. The down side being not having the get up and go. 


In other news  Finn will blog one day !!

GA 2017 IQ just got them not been wet yet.
Pozo first time trip for Finn
South Kerry Day trip

Van looking like it needs a wash

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