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Summer 2016

Summer 2016 This summer has been a very good summer for me, In Between working at the beach For Jamie Knox Watersports I got some pretty nice sailing at home not that much of it but some good fun sessions, I also went to Pozo in Gran Canaria for my first time for some jumping training, and then I returned to Tenerife for more onshore training ad for the PWA Event at Cabezo. In this blog I'll talk about my first experiences at Pozo and how Tenerife went for me. Sticking up my new 2016 GA Sails Pozo Pozo was my first excursion of the year, I went the week after I finished school. I traveled by myself  I planned on renting kit in Pozo, I flew from Dublin to Gran Canaria which again is the typical very boring and uncomfortable trip to the Canarias ! For the first 2 nights I had an AirBnb appartment to myself which was nice (Ps. Thanks Adam Lewis for teaching me how to use a gass cooker) and then for the other 4 days staying at the Windsurfing Hostel. Not a bad view from
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Quatro Super Mini 83 Mini

Quatro Super Mini 83 Mini first impressions Rik from zero gravity was over here for some sailing with board in his van. It seamed rude to let him talk it home, so it ours now. As a rule I tend to choose the board within a range which are the most suited to good DTL conditions but with Finn spending more time in onshore spots and anything which helps with getting going fast  has to be of interest. So far only it  sailed 4 times. 3 times in waves and  once on flat  water. Some 5.4 weather but mostly 4.7 in  head high waves, side shore and  onshore . I bought it as a crappy conditions/ onshore/ jump board which will get sailed in proper ground swell too. It's a sweet board very quick to get going and fast while still having a good front side turn. In average south coast / Tenerife conditions it is  great board because  Super quick to get going  Jumps really well feeling light and small in the air.  Points really high.   Very good at carrying speed on soft waves. You

Spring 2016

Surf Trip Clare   On the 13th of April, Myself and my parents traveled to Clare for a weekend of surfing as there was a Junior National Surf Comp but I also knew Jamie O'Brien was in Clare filming new "Who Is JOB 6.0". A few days before I got a message from JOB on snapchat,I was over the moon getting a reply from him, and that made me super excited for the weekend ahead. I didn't think I would get to see him I was just excited by the fact i was even in the same country as JOB seeing as that he is my favourite surfer. Once we arrived it was pumping so I jumped straight into the water, And once returning back to the beach my Mom said "Jamie O'Brien was here 5 minutes ago" I didn't believe mom at first,I didn't want to believe I had missed the chance to see him !  Later on that day I went searching for Surf with Tom Knox and two other friends and as we were getting close to the surf spot we were over taken by this Red Bull Van, I instantly

Winter 2015/2016 Brandon Bay

Winter 2016 Pictures and Movie. This is a brief overview of my Winter 2016, Mainly just pictures from time on the water, I am hoping to get back to posting blogs more regularly. It has been a warm wet and windy winter which sounds great but being in such a exposed place when its windy it really gets very very windy, with the bay getting all the Atlantic winter swells it often a case of trying to find the place with the least swell and wind!.  Most of Brandon bay is beach breaks which after mast high become too expensive to sail ! For proper big waves we need to get on to the reefs which only work in northly winds which this winter North winds just did not happen. Search and you will find New Winter Sailing edit  (watch in HD for better viewing) Finn Mellon Winter 2016 from Finn Mellon on Vimeo . Hopefully you enjoy this edit, I edited it myself and it was filmed with help from my Dad and my Soloshot 2. Surfing