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Winter 2015/2016 Brandon Bay

Winter 2016 Pictures and Movie.

This is a brief overview of my Winter 2016, Mainly just pictures from time on the water, I am hoping to get back to posting blogs more regularly.

It has been a warm wet and windy winter which sounds great but being in such a exposed place when its windy it really gets very very windy, with the bay getting all the Atlantic winter swells it often a case of trying to find the place with the least swell and wind!.  Most of Brandon bay is beach breaks which after mast high become too expensive to sail ! For proper big waves we need to get on to the reefs which only work in northly winds which this winter North winds just did not happen.

Search and you will find

New Winter Sailing edit 

(watch in HD for better viewing)
Finn Mellon Winter 2016 from Finn Mellon on Vimeo.

Hopefully you enjoy this edit, I edited it myself and it was filmed with help from my Dad and my Soloshot 2.


Christmas in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura consisted of a lot of surfing and not a lot of Windsurfing !! No windsurfing for me to be exact ! Dad did a little better, with costly sail at at a wave called  Acid drops near Majanicho with big surf and not a lot of wind . He  destroyed a new 5m sail, + a Carbon boom and had a long swim home with what kid he had left.  Not that much Fun !!
The surf defiantly made up for the lack of wind ! Got tones of good waves, Not much Christmas presents but getting Christmas day tubes with no one else on the peak makes up for that, Only downside of that christmas day surf was snapping my board, but oh well, it made traveling home easier !

Smashing Christmas Day !

Santa tubes 

Niall sticking to flat water after trashing everything !


This winter was the first winter that I have been wave-sailing where we have been lucky enough to get a good spell of North Easterly Winds,This gave us the chance to Sail Cross of Mossies (doesn't happen often !) I have surfed Mossies many times but I have never been lucky enough to get a good Down The line sail there.My first two sessions at Mossies were very tricky as the wind was pretty light, very offshore and the Waves were firing ! light offshore wind makes it pretty tricky to get out through mast high+ hollow waves and the lack of a channel didn't help either ! After unsuccessfully trying to get out back for an hour I finally managed to get out, I managed to get 2 waves but they were pretty sick waves "Camera Man sadly happened to be on a "toilet brake" for the most of the two waves!"

No kit was harmed in the making of this picture !

A few days later I got another chance at mossies, This time it was a lot easier, Smaller Waves,Better wind direction and a channel to get out through ! Still was pretty light so I took out my biggest kit, An Old 5.4 sail and my 86 Litre Quatro Pyramid, It was epic ! I got main peak mossies all to myself for 2 hours.

Bigger than it looks !

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