Saturday, July 5, 2014

2014 So Far In Brandon Bay

In general 2014 has been a rather poor year for windsurfing and surfing so far. With silly winds and huge swells making the bay un-sailable or any good for surfing. The big swells and super high tides made  for lots of damage with friends houses  having the sea through the door.  After the winter there been a lack of wind or swell.
This is a screenshot of one of the many extreme days we had during winter 2014

But we have had a few brilliant sessions. We had our first windsurfing session of the year on the first day of the year, as we sailed rather big and light Gowlane. (Spot Niall's sail ;-) )

Finn winter Sailing
Fun Sailing together
During my Easter Holidays we had lots of great spring weather which included a week of 2 surfs daily for my 2 weeks off, We were very lucky to finally get a brake from the harsh winter weather. This is a photo of me surfing my local break, Drain Pipe. 

We been to two ISA junior  Surf contest in Lahich and Easkey. Dad has a new theory that if we go to surf events he will get good Windsurfing . So far he right with one broken mast at heavy Fanore and biggish Easkey left. As for the surf Lahich was walls of rubbish white water & Easkey not much better so no surf photos from those.
Always fun when the BWA roll into town, not the best conditions with 2ft DTL. I won the Juniors and Dad finished second in the Ams. No wind for the two irish events as yet.

BWA Brandon Bay

Easkey Surf comp !

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