Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Irelands has been flat and windless for to long so pleased to be getting away.  Off to El Medano to hopefully get some Jumping practice . Staying with uk rippers Aleksy Gayda, Ben Page,and Jony Price 

My journey to Tenerife started with me having to wake up at 1:30 am ! Then driving to cork airport where I left Dad and began to board with my 50kg of kit ! Nothing like an easy trip for your first time flying alone ! ;-) Everything went pretty easy, arrived to a windless Tenerife.

View from our place

The next day showed more signs of wind, eventually got onto the water for a high tide session . Cabezo. Lots of rocks around which is a different from home . It was pretty light, went on 4.7 with 82l board, not windy enough to plane, not much of a wave either but was amazing to  sail in warm water again!  Also cool to sail with all the Top PWA Sailors.

Went again for second session at low tide. This time even more rocks and less water on the waves. But on the upside at least there more of a wave, still not enough wind to build up for any jumps. After a few waves getting closer to the rocks I eventually ended up on the, wasn't that bad until I did it again and stood on a sea urchin, not the most pleasant thing ever ! But could of been worse! So really it was a fun first day of sailing Cabezo ! 

Jumping coming on well !!

Hopefully we get more wind soon and with luck there will be a youth comp run soon.
I will Keep you updated 😄

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