Wednesday, August 13, 2014

PWA Tenerife

My Second week in Tenerife 

During my second week in Tenerife the PWA world tour came to town, which was great because it meant sailing and meeting all  the pro's ! I love the way in windsurfing that everyone is so down to earth. When the current world champ ask's if you will go for a sail with him you know its a friendly sport !

 I was impressed by what the top guys could do in pretty poor conditions (by Brandon Bay standards ;-)     ) plus it is also much different to see it in person than to watch them in videos. There was also a junior event that i was competing in. Was pretty cool to be representing Ireland. My dad also came out for the event so I had a caddy haha !

For the beginning of the event there was a opening ceremony held in the town of El Medano, we had to walk through the whole town with the flag of our nationality where we ended up on stage in the town square

A Panorama photo i took from the Stage

The event began the next day, The womens and the trials were put on hold as the conditions where not great but a few hours later as the conditions got slightly better we (The youths) where sent out. I was in the first heat of the event. My heat had fairly poor conditions but we continued, i caught a few waves and a couple of jumps on my 81L and 5.0 sail. It was also very very shallow on the wave, So shallow i hit the reef and knocked out one of my fins on a wave during my heat, So i had to sail the rest of the heat minus one fin! Which is a bit tricky on a twin fin board. 
In the end of the competition i finished off with an overall result of 6th place which i was very happy to get in my first PWA event.

A screen shot of one of the jumps from my heat

A video clip to follow soon !
Thanks for reading ! Finn

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