Wednesday, September 17, 2014

France, Skate, Surf, & A Lack of Wind

Well nearly a month since my last post and from a windsurfing point of view it been very poor here. We got a couple of days soon after getting back from Tenerife in logo cross off at Killcummin which were great. Then a bit of surfing here and a week in Brittany, France, to practice my French and Surfing with my friend Tim who was here in June. Tim is a past French Volcom Grom surf winner. France was a great experience, Its a cool place with cool people ! We surfed everyday of the week
This is one of the Spots we Surfed

Once I got back from France I got a couple more days sailing in Brandon Bay in 4.2 weather  and a couple of days of big surfing on lower Mossie"s. Had to laugh at dad taking off on a 4 times overhead wave on his paddle board. He didn't make it to the bottom !

We then a long time without wind or surf so i decided it was time to bust out the Longboard.

Back to school and the weather decides to finally turn on with some amazing surf and sun ! (Will post some photos of the good days soon)

Great wether in September

Taking some big i found on the beach for a blast

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