Monday, September 29, 2014

Great Surf & Wind on the Way.

September weather has been unreal with  good surf most days in sunshine and summer suits in Brandon Bay. Still very little sailing other than one cross off day at Gowlane in 3ft surf. The outlook is looking good  for sailing this week at last. 4.5m swell at 16seconds and 20 knots of wind is the stuff of dreams and broken kit at Gowlane for Thursday. Have to work at the weekend but will still will get out on on any windy day. Loads  of people round as Jem Hall and Guy Cribb have courses on. It such a big bay lots of sails on the water is not a problem, the only one is parking which is where my old van comes in.  It is only worth a few euro but as it 4X4 it can drive on the beach which is far better than a cool set of alloys ! Niall

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