Friday, October 24, 2014

GA Sails & Jamie Knox Sponsorship plus great sailing

Delighted To announce a sponsorship deal with GA Sails ( Gaastra) and Jamie Knox Windsurfing. Big thanks to Jeremy at Jamie Knox for all his help with this. Both great brands that I am really pleased to be part of and we work hard to support. Find more info on there web sites here.

My first session on my new sails was a brillant session, We went on a road trip to south Kerry to a place that gets  SW swell. We were greated by over mast high waves on the reef with a slightly cross on wind. Got my new IQ 5.0 and 4.7 wet. Sails were brilliant. We sailed for 2 hours then took a break and went for a drive to let the tide fall back a bit, second session was a little bit more side shore. Fun !


Been a good week for Sailing shame school gets in the way but getting out for short sails after school.
This week has given

Thursday.       Had a break !
Wednesday.   Logo high clean 4.7  Formoyle
Tuesday.        Mast high Mossies ! 4.7 Stacked. little to onshore but still good. My friend Duncan Broke           his mast.
Monday.         Logo high Gowlane 4.0 very off shore, It got very very windy !
Sunday.         Sailed very good head Killcummin.
Road trip.       See images      

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