Friday, October 10, 2014

Swell and Wind

At last a fun bit of  windsurfing  lasting more than one day. Both fairly extreme in there way. Friday was the perfect forecast for the bay 4m swell at 17 second and around 20knots  SSW winds.  It should have great but it turned  out to be hard work. Sailed 3 places and 3 sail sizes to try to hit the sweat spot. 
First Beach
Was out early to try to get it before the wind went to strong.  Around 12 knots is what we found. I hate hanging round so thought I would give it a go. Rigged a 4.7 as in big surf i find anything bigger just breaks and with cross off it does not make much difference. Spent 45 min sailing round not really  able to find set waves lot of water moving round and just a bit rubbish. 

Bail and drive up to Gowlane now low tide and faced with mast + powerful waves in supper off shore winds  breaking a long way from the beach. On the plus side it now windy super stacked on a 4.7. Sail around waiting for a gap in the waves which with the big period the sea should go flat once in a while but I can see no gaps, so sail out over lots of white water for 500m chicken gybe on getting close to the impact zone and sail back into try again. Frustrating !. Finn is under orders to be camera man for both these sessions. The first one as the wind  is  to light and the second I thought my chances of getting out to be slim, but the odds on breaking something or a massive swim high

Walls of water and super off shore
Inside reform !

Next beach Stoney gap which is full of Jem Halls  group and Jamie. it looks a bit messy with the side shore wind but at least Finn can have a go. Rig him a 4.2 and a 3.6. One run on the 4.2 and he is back for the 3.6. I have not got all my strong wind kit in the van so I am stuck with the 4.2 and my 6kg maui quattro which is not made for stuff like this. By this time Jamie given up and no one is getting out back. Finn get a few nice one on the inside and I bounce along on a few big ones out back. Steal Finn 3.6 and board and it a little better but not much. All in all much trying and a couple of ok photos.
Both Finn and me work, miss a bit of surfing and some light wind onshore Mossies.

It is  Dingle Food Festival weekend so our shop is busy and I can not skip work. I need to be in Dingle for 12 am which is ok as that is the best of the forecast. Swell has dropped a bit and the wind looks better. Down at 9 am Ben and Jonny Price out on the water. Rig two 4.7 and head to semi secret spot down the beach. Lucky to have Tim Smith out with his 500m lens to take these images. Not many photos of Finn, but take my hat (i have many !) off to him he sailed really well.  I sailed crap not really finding my grove. Not helped by a really late take off on my first set wave. Air drop to long swim in. Photos do not show it but it was hard work getting out. We were out at mid tide at a high tide place. Out side did not have much shape then the inside was sucking off the bottom supper heavy fast waves that were hard to  time and get out through. Wish I had had a bit more time to get some better hits.


Bumpy set up, first 4 images are the same wave.

Go Finn 


This is going out. No way through & around 3 ft deep. Which is why Jonny broke a mast and extension i guess.

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