Thursday, November 6, 2014

Magheroarty Classic 14
On the 25th of October we made the long drive from Kerry to Magheroarty. Starting the day at 3am !!

It took 6 hours to get there from Kerry where we were greeted by waves and wind. not especially big but fun size at around head to logo high. Niall , Rob  and I all competed in the event. I started off in the trials for the main event. In my heat i managed to get some nice waves including a good set wave which Timo dropped in on. Not pleased !.  In the main event i ended up drawing Timo which was a bit of a tough heat. I sailed well but that was the end of the comp for me. 1st  youth and joint 8th overall.

Love my new 4.0 IQ sail

Dad got through his first heat then sailed like a plonker (his words)  which left him 5th. Rob had a very tight heat with Steve Thorp who went on to win and had to settle for 4th overall

Timo's drop in on me in my heat ! 

For a change going out early from the comp was a good thing as i had 2 epic hours sailing the Reef and beach in up to mast high waves. I was really happy to be getting and landing quite a few nice aerials on the beach break.
 Niall in one of his heats

We left the beach at around 5.30 for the long drive home, getting in around 1 am. A long but fun day out. Thanks to Rob for all the driving and Tomasz Lotocki for putting on such a great comp.

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