Wednesday, December 24, 2014

November To Mid December In Brandon Bay

Opp's it been a while. We have been in the water lots, but just not with the camera's so not been blogging here.

Lovely weather and amazing surf. Had lots of great surf sessions. Niall and I surfed big Mossies lots. We had a few sessions which were 4 times over head. Fun ! thankfully I have a new semi gun 6,6 (thanks Rob at Kerry Sale company for the board :) ).
Also in November I had a friend of mine Colm Doyle come and stay with me for a week. We got a full week of double sessions in perfect weather. It was great fun.

In early December we got a MASSIVE swell, It was something ridiculous like 13 meters at 21 seconds which means the special place works  worked ! For this place to work it has to be massive ! And it produces very hollow and very fast waves ! It was epic ! I had two days there and got plenty of epic barrel's ! I hope for it to work again in 2015 ! :D
Here are some pictures of the last two months .

It doesn't look very big, but don't be fooled ! 

Back west
This was one of the smaller waves from this session
Normal Irish winter weather back, not that cold lots of wind and swell. Sails from 3.0 to 4.7 in the van with 4.0 the most used.  Lots of sailing in a fare mix of conditions, Mostly cross off riding weather from head to mast high. Would  like to have some small cross on days to do some jumping but thats hard to find. Sorry No photos.

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