Saturday, February 14, 2015

South Africa

I am just recently back from my trip to South Africa !
Just before christmas Mom, Dad and myself decided to book a windsurfing/surf trip away for 3 weeks to Cape Town South Africa.
As we were driving to the Airport in Shannon it began to snow ! So we were all pretty happy to be leaving the cold ! When we arrived to cape town after 13 hours flying and we were greeted by 35 degrees and lots of sun which was a lot more pleasant than the freezing cold !

Cape Town

Going to Cape Town we didn't except there to be much diving involved, but we were wrong ! In-fact Our trip involved lots of driving ! On our first day we drove all the way to Cape Point, which was about a 2 hour drive away, Probably would of been quicker if we hadn't gotten lost !! Once we got there we went windsurfing, We didn't have epic conditions but the fact it wasn't 4 degrees and raining was pretty epic !

Elands Bay

Then our next session was at Elands, which is about 200 miles away from Cape town, we stayed up there for 2 days, which I was super happy about as I got world Class left handers for surfing all day long for both days which was epic ! The standard of surfing in South Africa is so high, there were 12 year olds just ripping it up and putting others to shame ! Dad and I tried to windsurf the main peak but we got told to stay off the peak by the surfers even before we had hit the water which wasn't great, So then after sailing a closeout for an hour i had enough and decided just to go back and surf the peak.

Picture of me Surfing Elands
We stayed in a very odd hotel in Elands which included staff that wouldn't speak and the worst cooked food… But on the plus side it did have an amazing view of the surf ,Meaning i could wake up at 6 in the morning and check the surf, run to the beach and beat the large crowds !
Driving home we stopped off at a town called Paternoster where Dad and I sailed for hours which was fun, We were joined by a lot of other windsurfers from all over the world (Too many)

Dad sailing Paternoster

Next few days we spent exploring Cape Town and going up to the top of TableTop mountain which was beautiful

Jeffery's Bay

This was just coming up to the halfway point of our holiday
We then decided to travel up the garden route around to the Indian Ocean, which was much greener than Cape town and also a much more relaxed vibe compared to the vibe city of Cape Town.
 We drove to Jefferys Bay, Which we just had to do as it is a must do for every surfer ! (And I totally agree it is defiantly a must do for every surfer ! ) The drive there from cape town was a 9 hour drive, luckily I could sleep for most of it whilst Dad drove !
Jbay was fantastic ! We stayed in this amazing house RIGHT ON the point of Jefferys bay overlooking SuperTubes ! Never thought I would be waking up and being able to see the world best Right hand point brake from my bed ! hah I surfed it every day for the week we were there and got to beat most of the crowds by being the first to the water in the morning, I even got to surf pumping Supertubes with only 2 people out !

Spot me if you can !

The View from our house in Jbay

Last Week In South Africa

Once we got back from Jbay we had just over one week left in Cape town, and with all the wind forecasted to be down south we moved down south to a place called Simon's town. Our house also came with a little bonus that we were 100 meters away from a great little cove with hundreds of penguin's to go swimming with ! what I did learn from living next to penguins for a week ? that they sound like Donkeys and are very clumsy but are amazing swimmers.

One of our last sails was at Big Bay. Where i was super happy to finally land a dry forward and to land a big back loop was pretty epic ! Our last sail happened again at Patboom which was probably one of the best sessions of the holiday as we had nice waves and good jumps, We sailed for 4 hours that day !

Screengrab Of My Backloop

Here of some other pictures from our my time in Cape Town

 Stone age mans view of the surf
Got to surf in Boardies ! :D
The crap car that took us 3000 Km ! 

Sunrise at Jbay

"Oh my god its Pumping"

I was following my mum I did not see that tree and walked right into it, she fitted under it!
Lots of neighbours !

And finally thank you to Jamie Knox Watersports and GA Sails for kit I used in South Africa. And thank you to BlueBox Distribution and SoloShot for giving me a SoloShot to take photos of me while I am Windsurfing and Surfing ! And finally a massive thank you to my parents for taking me all the way to Africa !

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