Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Winter Sessions

Since I have come back from South Africa we have had quite a bit of Good Windsurfing and lots of very good surf !
These are pictures from some of the sessions we have had since SA.

The first windsurfing session Dad and I had at home after our holiday was an epic windsurf at Gowlane, Pretty windy 4,2 Cross off ! The waves were epic ! Small swell with quite a lot of Seconds on the period produced mast high waves, Sadly we didn't take many photos as we were enjoying ourselves too much ! But here are some of the few we have

Niall Launching a big Arial 

 These pictures are of me surfing,
This was one of the many days this winter of massive swells, So i decided to go and find some more sheltered waves, I went exploring looking for something that was worthy surfing, And i was luckily enough to find this new wave and surf it for the first time ! It was a heavy beach brake all to my self mwhah ;)
I must Praise my new Wetsuit ! I got myself a Matuse 5/4 hooded winter suit (www.jamieknox.com ) which I must say is the best suit I have ever had ! I use it whenever I go surfing now. A warm suit in our Cold Irish winters is essential ! It keeps me warm even on the coldest and nastiest days, Quite often i am too hot which is not something to complain about !

This one didn't exactly go to plan.

   This day was another one of those days were we had to hide from the elements in Brandon Bay, We went on a day trip to Smerick. It was very windy, I was fully stacked on my 3,3 (Green Sail) and Niall was on his 3,6. It was almost super off shore which made things tricky but we still had fun ! 

Spring Surfing
 March this year has been a brilliant month for surfing ! We have had day after day of pumping surf and Sun !! I Have surfed about twice everyday there has been surf, Last week I surfed for a full 7 hours in 3  session's ! 

 I am also really Stoked to be on the Poster for the Next Irish WaveSailing event which is happening in Brandon Bay on the 28th/29th of March ! So if you are around come and watch or even come and compete ! I'm Super excited for the event ! 

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