Friday, May 1, 2015

Epic Easter

Epic Easter ! 

This year Easter was pretty epic ! The Sun shined everyday and the Surf Pumped everyday !
I had 2 weeks of school, One of those weeks was spent in England seeing other family and the other week was spent on the beach ! 
During the 8 days of my Easter holiday which i was in Ireland for I had 16 sessions in the water ! Some days I had up to 4 sessions . This consisted of both Surfing and windsurfing, Each sail or surf was at least 2 hours long ! So i easily did more than 24 hours worth of time on the water ! 
Sadly I do not have that many photos as my photographer Niall Mellon (My Dad) was also on the water with me or at work, But enjoy the ones I do have, And also check out the Short video which I made. 
Angle taken with my new K4 Harness mount

Dads sick Custom Quattro

Also check out this short video I made from one of the Windsurfing sessions.
In the video i was sailing on a 3.3 and an 81 litre board... The waves were also about shoulder high (Shame the GoPro steals the size perspective !!)

Finn Mellon GoPro Windsurfing session from Finn Mellon on Vimeo.

It was also great fun to have some company in the water ! I was joined by Colm Doyle another Irish surfer and Hanns Bueh all the way from Germany and finally Ollie And Tom Pidden from Wittering in The UK. These are some of the surfing pictures

A photo of Tom Pidden Taking off at Garry William
Hanns Bueh at Mossies

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