Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Injury Blues

Injury Blues
The reason Im writing this is because I am now stuck at home, I can't go Surfing windsurfing or even Skating boarding which really sucks !
 The Reason for this is I inured my back about a month ago. It happened  whilst jumping on my trampoline at home, I just had an awkward landing on a front flip. Turns out I Hyper-Extended a muscle in my back. The phsiyo also said I was in Danger of tearing my hip flexor because the muscles In my back are too tight and not moving correctly and this puts great pressure on my Hip Flexors. The whole idea of sitting out from any sailing was all rather annoying as I wanted to get back onto the water and put in some jump training  for the PWA.
So after about 2 weeks my back was at the stage where I could just about go Surfing and Windsurfing without that much discomfort.
 That was until two days ago, we had a really windy Pozo style jumping day at Stony Gap which I was pretty excited for as we don't often sail in Onshore but the fun didn't last that long as I only managed to do 2 runs before re-injuring myself. First run I got a nice big forward so I was happy that my back was good but then on my next jump I tried a stalled forward but didn't fully commit, I hit the ramp did the mid air bare off and let go of the kit, tired kicking it away but somehow managed to get myself hooked into the harness lines and came crashing down onto my mast when I landed, I was okay for the next few minutes as I was on adrenaline so I could sail back to the beach but once I sat down on the beach I couldn't move or get up at all, I slowly limped my way back to the van and got taken home.
Thankfully I had Megan Gayda and my Dad to help me with my kit.
So for now I'm Just going to rest by back and hope that I will be back to full fitness for the PWA Event on the 3rd of August.

On a lighter note here is a recent video Niall and I put together of Us sailing In Brandon Bay (Please Watch in HD)

Finn Mellon Windsurfing, Brandon Bay 2015 from Finn Mellon on Vimeo.

And here are some Sailing pictures of from a session before I damaged my back

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