Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Early summer 2015

Recent Months

It has been while since I uploaded a blog post, So i do apologise and hope to get back into the swing of uploading regularly again,
So in the post I will just talk about the last few months and what I have gotten up too ! 
I finished my school year on the 14th of May !

My parents and I went to Southwold, England to visit other family members but Dad and I spending a week off the water wasn't good ? We found a way around this problem by borrowing a blow up Paddle board to paddle and explore all of the rivers and estuaries around where we stayed 

I have had a lots of sailing and very little surfing over this past month,We also spent quite a lot of time filming our sailing, I will include the final edit in my next Blog Post, But for now here is one wave that Niall (My Dad) and I had together, Who do you think gets the better wave ? Let us know who you think (I am the one further down the line)    

I am delighted to announce that I have gotten a new Wetsuit Sponsorship from O'Neill recently ! I am super excited to represent such a big brand like O'Neill.
This is one of my new suites, Im pretty sure its safe to say I won't be missed on the water !

Recently  I booked my tickets and accommodation for me to go to Tenerife for 3 weeks ! I did the same last year but only for 2 weeks, I stayed With Aleksy Gayda, Jony Price and Ben Page it was an epic experience as I got to do lots of sailing and I hope for much of the Same this year around ! I go on the 23rd of July.
I will also be in Tenerife to compete on the PWA youths event at Cabezo, I really look forward to doing it again ! Last year it was fantastic experience, Hoping to better my result of last year which was 6th place ! 

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