Sunday, September 20, 2015

New Kit ! + Lack of Wind and Waves

Weather has not been great of late for windsurfing or Surfing round here, some nice sunshine mixed in with a lot of rain. The odd small swell but nothing to get excited about.

New Kit ! We now have gotten lots of shiny new kit


Quatro Pyramid. We now have 78 and 86. Thank you very much to  zero gravity for the support.  Weather here has been rubbish, so we have not had much sailing on them.

 I sailed the 86 and Finn sailed the 76 the first day we got them in windy 4.7 wether and i had a sweet 5 knot session in perfet shoulder high DTL  . Only sailed them twice not so not had much time to    give  a proper impression other than the 86 was a bit over fined with the stock  18cm + 10cm side fins  in the windy weather and small surf. Second sail  on the 86 in  wind set up with smaller K4s felt much nicer.  Had thought about going for the 92L as our big board, but the 86 has loads of float.
So whats new ?  They are Shorter and wider. The straps are  way back on the boards;  looking forward to some proper conditions to find out more. We have last years   Pyramid 78 which is a epic board which we are holding onto.

Finn Sailing in Cabezo

 New GA IQ. Used these a fair bit as we had them in Tenerife.  Little lighter in the hands + best colour ever !.  Have a soft batton option  which I am looking forward to trying in the bigger sizes if we ever get wind and surf again. I like to sail my sails full and change down as soon as possible

With two of us sailing our quiver gets a fair bit of use we have most sizes from 5.4 to 3.3. Two sets of  4.7 which is the go to size here. Only replace the main sizes yearly  which this year was 5/0 4.7 and 4.2 and if we sell some more old kit will replace a couple more.

New Van

The expensive one ! For the last 6 years or so I have had a old 1994 VW syncro van. I rather liked having a old van that did not matter being full of  sand in and not having to care about knocks and scraps. Being 4x4 we could drive with care on the beach which is great saves time and makes it easy to change kit. That van died back in May when the gear box failed.  I got a temp Opel  Varo till I had money and time to get a nice van.  Was a nice drive but every thing felt a bit nasty about it + it felt only a matter off time till it had a major problem.  Now have a shiny  4 motion T5 transporter. Cost far to much but is lovely to drive, still 4x4 even the locks and doors work.!  For work we quit offten need the van on longer drives so really nice to have  a good one. Fingers crossed


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