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Autumn 2015 In Brandon Bay

Hello I apologise for not updating this blog recently as I have been doing a lot of school work and it wasn't helped by the fact this is my 3rd attempt due to problems with the blog not saving but hopefully this can fill you guys in on what i have been doing.  
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Thank you very much and enjoy.

September / Most of October
September and the majority of October was windless ! Both months without any rain, so it was like the summer we never had. With the lack of normal prevailing South Westerlies we had mainly either complete claim or Easterlies so that meant we got a lot of sick surf, Day after day of surfing !

Fun Surf before school ;)

Successful road tripping !

that wave is bigger than you think ;)

sadly Gopro footage really takes the size out of this big wave 

Irish Champions
Pretty stoked to be this years Irish youth Champion and also Am fleet champion ! And great have Dad(Niall) Coming 2nd in the overall championships
Im looking forward to competing against him soon ;) 
Niall using the K4 Harness Gopro Mount

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Eventually after all that surfing the wind had to come back, and it sure did ! 
The sailing we had was great fun mainly because of all the people sailing on the water. I love it when there are lots of other people on the water, I feel it makes everyone sail better and pushes the standard as you want to try and do better than your last wave to impress others watching.

*Geeky board bit*
This was my second sail on my 86 Litre Quatro Pyramid, So i was starting to understand it as it is a lot different to the previous Quatro boards. Its really good for those light wind sessions as it holds a lot of float around the centre of the board but once you get onto a wave and step back into the footstraps it becomes really loose and gives a very surfboard feel because it is so manoeuvrable. The back footstrap is very far back on the board, right onto of the fin to be precise, And this is what gives it such a surf like feel on the wave face.

pretty manoeuvrable for a big board ;)

You wont miss me and my bright kit

I recently got my Soloshot working and now that i have done that the results are sick ! both of these pictures came from screen grabs came from using the Soloshot. Its especially useful for me as generally when ever there is wind Dad and I both want to  be on the water and not sitting on the beach filming.

Quite Windy !!
November has arrived and with that it has brought lots of wind and the cold weather has also arrived ! 
My last 4 sails have been as follows 3.3 4.0 3.3 and 4.0 again, and we have had to not go sailing twice because it was just far too windy, This week we had a day that was even windier than the day the Red Bull Storm chase came here to Brandon Bay

Thanks for taking some of these pictures
Tim Smith from Ireland  On The wall  :
And to Nicolas Jones Photography

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